Why choose us ?


Our mission is to make high-quality, engaging education accessible to all through affordable, easy-to-use AI tools.


Share interactive maps to foster richer knowledge exchange within communities of any size, from classrooms to companies.


MapBrain helps you absorb concepts quickly and study efficiently through visually immersive, tailored maps and videos.

Lifelong Learning

MapBrain grows smarter alongside you, empowering continuous self-directed learning throughout your personal and professional journey.


Impact Potential

When minds worldwide can reach their fullest abilities, the progress and possibilities for humanity are endless. Be part of our vision for the future of education. / more Q AND A that could be described with more details, relevant use cases, informations, figures, stats, researchs and reports etc anf for the final part of why choose us, can you insist and provide more relevant information and meaningful arguments, elements of conviction etc

Generative inteligence

We are the only company that can automatically generate mind maps and personalized videos from any multimedia content. No transcription, indexing or pre-analysis is required.

Visual learning

While others offer notes, flashcards or plain text summaries, our mind maps leverage the natural visual-spatial way the human brain encodes and retrieves information.

Conceptual understanding

Other tools focus on content delivery or knowledge acquisition, we uniquely illuminate the relationships between ideas to promote deeper comprehension.


Interactive mind maps invite collaboration in a way plain digital texts cannot. This fosters more insightful discourse and exchanges compared to one-way delivery formats.

Personalization at scale

Proprietary AI allows hyper-customization of learning pathways for each unique learner, even with unlimited usage – a level ofmass personalization not seen before.

Global equalizer

By making high-quality education resources available anywhere through an internet browser or simple app install, we aim to level the playingfield for all learners regardless of circumstances or location.